Enchantment List

All the extra Enchantment on Server,list below.

All enchants has configurable trigger chances, formulas, effect levels and durations, etc.!​

Small Tip: Enchantment item type in brackets is for enchantment table and anvils.

You can still add a sword.

Tool Enchantments(工具类)

  1. Blast Mining - Creates an explosion when mining blocks. [Pickaxes] #已禁用

  2. Divine Touch - Drops Spawners and saves it entity type. [Pickaxes] #已禁用

  3. Haste - Applies Haste potion effect. [All Tools]

  4. Lucky Miner - Drops more exp from ores. [Pickaxes]

  5. Replanter - Auto-replants crops when clicking a farmland or break a growth plant. [Hoes]

  6. Silk Chest - Drop chests and saves all its contents. [Axes]

  7. Smelter - Smelt blocks like furnace. [Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes]

  8. Telekinesis - Ground items go straight to your inventory. [All Tools]

  9. Treasures - Drop custom treasures on breaking certain blocks. [Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes]

  10. Tunnel - An enchantment that increases the radius you can break blocks. [Pickaxes, Shovels]

Combat Enchantments(战斗类)

  1. Blindness - Applies Blindness effect. [Swords, Axes]

  2. Bane of Netherspawn - Deals additional damage to nether mobs. [Swords, Axes]

  3. Confusion - Applies Confusion effect. [Swords, Axes]

  4. Criticals - Critical hits deals more damage. [Swords, Axes]

  5. Cutter - Throws away victim's armor and reduces its durability. [Swords, Axes] #已禁用

  6. Double Strike - Deals double damage. [Swords, Axes]

  7. Executioner - Drops the enemy's head. [Swords, Axes] #已禁用

  8. Exhaust - Applies Hunger effect. [Swords, Axes]

  9. Exp Hunter - Drops more exp from mobs. [Swords, Axes]

  10. Ice Aspect - Applies Slowness effect. [Swords, Axes]

  11. Infernus - Flaming Tridents. [Tridents]

  12. Rage - Applies Strength effect on attacker. [Swords, Axes]

  13. Rocket - Launches victim into the space. [Swords, Axes]

  14. Paralyze - Applies Mining Fatigue effect. [Swords, Axes]

  15. Pigificator - Turns pig zombies (piglins) back into pigs. [Swords, Axes]

  16. Scavenger - Can drop an additional item(s) based on a mob type killed. [Swords, Axes]

  17. Surprise - Applies Random potion effect. [Swords, Axes]

  18. Thrifty - A percent chance that a mob can drop a spawn egg of that creature type. [Swords, Axes]

  19. Thunder - A chance to strike enemy with lightning. [Swords, Axes]

  20. Vampire - Restores the attacker's health. [Swords, Axes]

  21. Venom - Applies Poison effect. [Swords, Axes]

  22. Village Defender - Inflicts more damage to pillagers. [Swords, Axes]

  23. Wither - Applies Wither effect. [Swords, Axes]

Armor Enchantments(护甲类)

  1. Aquaman - Gives Water Breath effect. [Helmet]

  2. Bunny Hop - Gives Jump effect. [Boots]

  3. Cold Steel - Applies Mining Fatigue effect to attacker. [Chestplates]

  4. Flame Walker - Like Frost Walker, but for lava. [Boots]

  5. Hardened - Applies Resistance effect to yourself when got damage. [Chestplates]

  6. Night Vision - Gives Night Vision effect. [Helmet]

  7. Saturation - Regain food points. [Armor]

  8. Self-Destruction - Creates an explosion on death. [Chestplate]

  9. Sonic - Gives Speed effect. [Boots]

Bow Enchantments(弓箭)

  1. Poisoned Arrows - Applies Poison effect. [Bows, Crossbows]

  2. Withered Arrows - Applies Wither effect. [Bows, Crossbows]

  3. Explosive Arrows - Creates an explosion on hit. [Bows, Crossbows]

  4. Ghast - Launches fireballs instead of arrows. [Bows, Crossbows]

  5. Bomber - Launches TNT instead of arrow. [Bows, Crossbows]

  6. Ender Bow - Launches Ender Pearls instead of arrows. [Bows, Crossbows]